Cassette Toilet 22L - CHH-3622T

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Cassette Toilet 22L - CHH-3622T

Cassette Toilet 22L
Item#: CHH-3622T

Main Features

- Comfortable, full-size residential seat

- Home like toilet seat height for greater comfort

- Seat can be rotated to 90° in both directions

- High gloss, scratch-resistant inlay

- 2 flush types available: manual piston pump flush(with water from self-contained water tank), 

push button flush(water from an external water supply)

- T-type 3 way flush nozzle -100% bowl coverage

- Detachable waste water tanks from backside of the toilet

- Ideal for RVs, boats, camping, holiday cottage, wherever no home toilets available

- Empty type: Rotating empty spout

- Level indicator: Yes

- Air release button: Yes


- Fresh water tank capacity: 12 liter

- Waste water tank capacity: 22 liter

- Product dimensions: 620x395x520mm

- Weight: 12kg

- Load limit: 200kg