Portable Restroom - Self-contained Model

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Portable Restroom - Self-contained Model

Portable Restroom Self-contained Model
Item#: CHH-764010101DN

Main Features

-Ventilation side window

- Semi-transport roof, skylight, rainproof

- Flower pattern on roof and interior wall

- Holes for padlock 

- Occupancy signal latch

- Spring door

- Can be fixed on ground through four corner holes if neccessary

- Water tanks, toilet, plumbing and foot pumps are fully assembled and tested in the factory

- Buffered seat and lid, high gloss enamel bowl, full bowl flush

- Totally self-contained with both fresh water tanks and waste holding tank

- Handwash station included

- Ideal for events, farm, contruction sites, festival, etc.


- Flush type: foot-pump

- External dimension: 120D X 120W X 247H cm (approx. 1.44m²)    Inner dimension: 104D x106W x227H cm

- Door size: 194H x 83Wcm

- Weight: 130kg

- Fresh water tank capacity: 145liter (approx. 500 uses)

- Waste holding tank capacity: 75L 

- Foot pump capacity per step: 180ml

- Packing size: 121x121x86cm (approx. 1.26m³)