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Easy Portable Toilet (Epot) - Comfort

Easy Portable Toilet (Epot) - Comfort
Portable Travel Toilet
-Holds 4L of Water
-Easy to Assemble & Transport

Main Features

- EASY TO ASSEMBLE – Simply Screw Legs Into Seat & Securely Attach Bag, Then Sit To Enjoy

GREAT TO USE – Especially Convenient For Anyone With Limited Mobility; Eliminates The Need To Walk To a Restroom

DURABLE, STRONG SEAT – Designed For Extra Strength & Durability; Is Suitable For Most Adults To Use Without Worry

REMOVABLE WASTE BAG – When Not In Use, Simply Unscrew Legs & Remove Waste Bag For Easy Storing & Transportation

CLEANS EASILY FOR SANITATION – Replacing Waste Bag After Use For Continued Freshness


- Seat size: 480L x 395W mm

- Seat height: 425mm

- Product dimensions(folded): 480x395x180 mm

- Weight: 1.9kg

- 10 waste bags included

- Load limit: 120kg